A strong industrial structure

More industrial plants, stronger finances and wider geographical coverage make the new Norra Timber a significantly stronger partner, according to the company’s Industrial Production Manager Henrik Jönsson. He sees great opportunities for the company to grow further by allowing the units to focus on what they do best.

Published: 2020-06-16

Henrik Jönsson Norra Timber

With three competitive sawmills and a large added value operation, Norra Timber’s Industrial Production Manager Henrik Jönsson is steering the company forward with considerable caution. He is a qualified engineer and has been CEO of NWP since 2012. Norra Timber’s huge new operational area means that Henrik will be stationed in both Östersund and Umeå to be closer to the industrial sites.

Exploiting strengths

His strategy involves getting the most out of the raw material, technology and the market by letting the three sawmills specialise more in what they do best. The sawmill in Hissmofors is located next the company’s largest plant for added value products and will supply the plant with timber. A little further north lies Sävar Sawmill, which is the most modern of the mills. With up-to-the-minute measuring instruments and efficient sawing technology, Sävar Sawmill creates the scope for a high degree of custom production. Kåge Sawmill has an extremely efficient production line and is situated outside Skellefteå, in an area with good access to the high-quality raw material that customers demand. In addition to the three sawmills, there is a pole factory plus multiple units for added value products.

“We need to play to our strengths more. And our extra muscle combined with our larger geographical area of operation make that possible,” says Henrik.

Listening to customers

According to the Industrial Production Manager, the new Norra Timber has a whole new raw material base and he is clear that this is going to be good for the company’s customers.

“Customers will get a strong supplier and partner. With our new corporate culture, we will be even more open to what our customers want and able to make products that are tailored to their needs. We now have the strength to back this up, combined with good accuracy for our deliveries,” says Henrik.


Kåge Sawmill, Skellefteå municipality, Västerbotten

Kåge Sawmill is a modern plant that is constantly being developed and improved. The sawmill applies the very latest technology in a number of areas to optimise the yield from each log along its 45-metre saw line. The mill’s efficient units specialise in the production of high-quality whitewood and redwood products. The sawmill is the largest seller of sawn whitewood in northern Sweden. Situated close to local ports, the plant has substantial capacity for customisation, for example in the area of drying. The
raw material is sourced from slow-growing forests in Västerbotten and Norrbotten. Its geographic location puts Kåge Sawmill in a superb strategic position logistically.

Annual production:
Approximately 280,000 cubic metres.
Raw material: 50percent pine and 50percent spruce.

Sävar Sawmill, Umeå municipality, Västerbotten

Sävar Sawmill is an efficient band saw line with a high yield. The sawmill specialises in the production of high-quality whitewood and redwood products. The modern plant employs X-ray technology, with the world’s first CT Log integrated directly into the saw line. The sawmill enjoys a location with many logistical benefits, including close proximity to a container port, which ensure highly reliable deliveries. The raw material is high-quality pine and spruce from Västerbotten and Ångermanland.

Annual production:
300,000 cubic metres sawn timber.
Raw material: 60percent pine and 40percent spruce.

Norra Timber

Hissmofors Sawmill, Krokom municipality, Jämtland
This sawmill has current annual production of around 160,000 cubic metres, with the aim of increasing production to 200,000 cubic metres within the next two years. Byggprodukter Hissmofors (construction products) and the pressure-treatment plant are located alongside the sawmill, and the ambition is for the sawmill to supply these processing units with raw material, as far as possible.

Annual production:
Approximately 160,000 cubic metres sawn timber.
Raw material: 70percent spruce and 30percent pine.

Agnäs Pole Factory, Bjurholm municipality, Västerbotten

Agnäs Pole Factory has extensive experience and specialises in the production of turned poles made from high-quality redwood. Many consider this to be the very best source material for this kind of product. The poles we produce are quite unique in Sweden. The factory debarks, measures, turns, trims and dries power and telephone poles in lengths of 7–19 metres and a variety of diameters. In short, we offer a wide and very popular range of poles made from local raw material. The majority of production is supplied untreated to around 15 countries all over the world. Subcontracted impregnation of sawn and planed products is also included in production, primarily from sister companies, but also from other sawmills/planing mills and customers.

Annual production:
60,000 poles.
Raw material: Pine.

Added Value Products
Norra Timber’s construction products are produced in Kåge, Sävar, Hammerdal and Hissmofors. Norra Timber offers a complete range of Scandinavian redwood and whitewood timber for construction purposes. The added value units produce external cladding, tongue & groove, strength-graded timber in lengths of up to 10 metres, decking and battens. The cladding is available primed and undercoated. The production process includes drying, planing, trimming, finger-jointing and strength grading. The products are then bundled up and barcoded for specific customers.

Annual production:

Approximately 200,000 cubic metres.
Raw material: Pine and spruce.

Text: Karolina Edstedt | Photo: Elin Berge