Meraskog merges with Norra Skog

Meraskog i Jämtland AB, an independent Swedish forestry management company that has undergone considerable growth since it was founded in 2009, has strengthened its market position through a merger with Norra Skog - northern Sweden's largest forestry industry association. The merger means Meraskog becomes a subsidiary of Norra Skog.

Published: 2022-10-03

“Our business concept of creating long-term and profitable ownership for forestry entrepreneurs is in alignment with Norra Skog's vision, working method and structure, so this merger feels very natural and timely. Our ambition is to expand and develop the business even further”, says Mikael Mattsson, CEO and one of the owners of Meraskog.

A subsidiary with high ambitions

Norra Skog's area of operations, which includes both members and operational staff, stretches from Jämtland in the south all the way up to the northernmost region of Norrbotten. Some changes in personnel and operations have occurred as a result of the merger - three Meraskog employees situated in Norra Skog's area of operations began as Norra Skog employees last week. Other Meraskog employees working in Härjedalen, Hälsingland and Värmland (all areas south of Norra Skog's operational area) will continue under the Meraskog brand.

“We are delighted Meraskog has become a subsidiary of Norra Skog, especially as we have actively chosen to retain our current area of operations and membership organization. We are convinced this merger will provide significant benefits for all our 27,000 members, as together we can create opportunities to develop further. We are improving our supply of timber, which gives us both security while developing our industries, as well as the ability to refine our service offering to our members”, says Patrik Jonsson, Norra Skog's Head of Forestry & Timber.

More alike than different

Both Meraskog and Norra Skog have established strong brands and successful working models. The merger will be a win-win for both organizations, with timber supplied by Meraskog benefiting from exposure to Norra Skog's sales channels, while Meraskog's successful concept will strengthen Norra Skog's uniquely broad range of services.

“Meraskog has had lots of success, and we have constantly won new customers and established operations in new areas. But now, together with Norra Skog's entire service portfolio and efficient industries, this represents an enormous leap forward that we could never have undertaken ourselves. We will, however, be able to continue to act independently”, says Mikael Mattsson.

For further information, please contact:
Patrik Jonsson, Head of Forestry and Timber at Norra Skog, 
(+46) 70-314 96 33
Mikael Mattsson, CEO, Meraskog,
(+46) 70-211 35 56

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