Norra Skog – with renewed energy

The merger between Norrskog and Norra was voted through on 15 May. Immediate effects of the new association include 27,000 members, who own forests across half of Sweden’s landmass, having the capability to produce a higher wood yield and be more competitive, with a greater capacity for innovation.

Published: 2020-06-17

“We are focused on Norra Skog delivering added value for our owners and customers alike. Innovation and development in our two core segments of forestry and industrial production will be crucial in this endeavour. We are developing numerous digital solutions for forestry and on the industrial side we intend to carry on investing and driving the sector forward,” says Pär Lärkeryd, CEO of Norra Skog.

Whole story from forest to end product

Norra Skog owns Norra Timber, whose task is to run the industrial operation, and to market and sell the wood products being manufactured. The combination of northern Swedish forest and well-developed industrial plants allows Norra Skog to shape an integrated approach from seedling to end product.
“The quality of the forest up north, coupled with Norra Timber’s new industrial structure, delivers a unique portfolio of construction products. In addition to this, we are broadening our expertise, which is incredibly positive,” comments Pär Lärkeryd.

Gains right from the start

Every member of Norra Skog is a forest entrepreneur with an interest in managing their forest according to their own ideas and plans, with a focus on financial and environmental sustainability. Political decisions often affect entrepreneurs, and forest owners are no exception. Now that Norra Skog has more members, the association also expects to become a stronger negotiating party on issues concerning the right to actively manage your own forest. The association is starting from a good financial position and the merger is expected to bring further gains.
“We estimate that from day one the merger will deliver an overall increase in annual profits to the tune of around SEK 100 million, notwithstanding any economic fluctuations. Norra Skog’s sales are expected to amount to SEK 4 billion per year and we remain committed to our future plan to be a stable partner for both owners and customers. We have the drive, clear direction and good financial underpinnings to continue our journey of growth,” concludes Pär.

Text: Ulrica Winberg-Jonsson