Norra Timber leads the way with cutting-edge industry technology

The board of Swedish forestry owners’ association Norra Skog has committed to investing approximately SEK 300 million in Norra Timber Kåge Sawmill as part of ambitious growth plans. The new technology will be able to read a log’s unique ‘fingerprint’ and ensure every single part of the log is utilized.

Published: 2022-10-14

“The investment can be divided into four stages; increased efficiencies, traceability, personnel spaces and new logistics. The total investment will contribute to creating long-term sustainability for both forests and people”, explains Norra Timber Industry Manager Henrik Jönsson.

A technological leap in traceability

The investment represents a paradigm shift in sawmill technology. The equipment being installed will make it possible to read the log's individual ‘fingerprint’, as well as track and document it through the entire sawing process.

"We are now taking a technological leap into the future and a big step in taking the best possible care of the fantastic timber from Norrland. With this new technology we will be able to price products from each log individually, which will lead to better profitability for both us and our customers," says Kåge Sawmill Manager Joakim Larsson.

Increased efficiencies

Increased efficiencies are being created through the construction of a new timber sorting facility, the purchase of a new splitting saw and the installation of a CT log. Together they present a unique opportunity to follow the saw's production process and constantly create better efficiencies. New warehouses have been built in preparation for these upcoming investments and the development of Kåge Sawmill, which will provide more space for wood to be stored under cover. A positive effect is that less plastic will be needed when the raw timber material is being moved between the saw and other processing facilities to become construction products.

"We work with renewable forest materials and so it is important that we optimize our processes, i.e. make sure that every single part of a log is used in the best possible way. With the help of this investment we expect to increase our efficiencies by three to four percent," explains Joakim Larsson. 

Improved logistics flow

The investment package also means the logistics flow within the sawmill will be updated to improve both outgoing and incoming transport traffic. A new road will be constructed over the water and other roads in the area will be reinforced with new surfaces.
“The logistics project is an important element in the sawmill’s goal of being able to produce 500,000 cubic meters per year in the future, which is what our environmental permit allows”, concludes Joakim Larsson.

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Joakim Larsson, Kåge Sawmill Manager, 070-326 99 90,
Henrik Jönsson, Industry Manager, Norra Timber, 070-601 03 40,

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