Members share half a billion kronor

The merger between the former forest owners’ associations Norrskog and Norra Skogsägarna has gone extremely well, and as such Norra Timber’s main owner, the newly formed Norra Skog, has also been heading in the right direction. Norra Skog’s Board has now taken a historic policy decision to issue a dividend of half a billion kronor to its members. Never before has the forest owners’ movement in northern Sweden been so financially strong and able to propose such a huge dividend to its members.

Published: 2021-06-21

“We are extremely pleased to report that the effect of our merger has created considerable value for our members in just the first year, allowing us to plan for future dividends. This is clear proof that we are stronger together than we are on our own,” states Torgny Hardselius, Chairman of Norra Skog. 

Membership that pays

Norra Skog is an economic association that is keen to reward its 27,000 members. The new dividend strategy rewards a long-term approach and sound forest management, as well as minimising the risk of price speculation. The dividend means that a member of the association will receive significantly more from a deal than is shown in the price list.

“This should be an effective vaccine against peaks and troughs on a tricky wood market and make our members’ businesses profitable over the long term,” explains Norra Skog’s CEO Pär Lärkeryd. 

Dividend for deliveries old and new

The Board’s proposal has two purposes – to reward members who have supplied the association over the years through a high annual return on invested capital and to connect the dividend to new wood deliveries made by members in 2021 or coming years. The final decision on the dividend will be taken by the association’s highest decision-making body, the AGM in May 2022.

“We have already received many positive reactions from our members, who feel the association now has an ingenious dividend strategy, where their wood deliveries not only generate good results in the year they deliver, but also lead to a continued return year after year,” says Torgny Hardselius. 

For more information, please contact:
Torgny Hardselius, Chairman Norra Skog, +46 70 568 17 12
Pär Lärkeryd, CEO Norra Skog, +46 70 23 48 564

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