Norra’s business is based on our shared set of values, which underpin everything we do. Our core values of Innovation, Joy, Value creation, Communication and Courage determine how we treat and act towards others and the wider world.


We invent the future by challenging old conventions and thinking further ahead than our competitors. We encourage innovation as we look forward and everyone has a shared responsibility to find new and better solutions.


The joy of our work is what drives us forward as we invent the future. We have a joint responsibility to make sure everyone feels part of our community as we continue to build the association.

Value creation

Our task is to create even more value for our members and customers, both economically and emotionally. We will continue to improve what we already do well and whatever doesn’t add value will be replaced with things that matter to our members, customers and society.


We listen to each other and wider society and we communicate what we stand for. We believe that open and honest communication encourages a sense of community and is a vital factor in ensuring that everyone feels part of our continuous improvements for the future.


We have the courage to act, to stand out and to think differently. We follow our convictions, but we also have the courage to revise our own opinions.