Stall bedding

Norra Timber’s stall bedding is dust-free, thanks to our unique cleaning process.

The product is particularly suitable for sensitive horses, poultry or clinics that require high levels of hygiene. The closed and precisely controlled production process ensures that dry, mould-free raw material is used, while the lack of dust in the bales creates a soft and airy bedding, with a low risk of fungus and mould development during use.

The packaging used for the bales is recycled and recyclable plastic. The pure wood in the pallets can be sent for energy recovery. We have a high delivery capacity and can deliver quickly.
Our stall bedding has environmental certification under PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

For more price information and order please contact: Norra Timber, Göran Mattsson phone: +46 72-700 10 08 or email:

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Göran Mattsson

Sales Animal bedding

(+46) 72-700 10 08

Product information

Bale size: 21-22 kg.
Pallet size: Single-use pallet in European pallet size, 800x1200 mm.
No. of bales per pallet: 21 The overall weight of the pallet is approx. 450 kg.
17 pallets per truck.
47 pallets per truck with trailer.
32 pallets per trailer.

Delivery time of two weeks.


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