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Green billion business in northern Sweden

The forest owners' cooperative Norra Skog has in recent years built up a state-of-the-art sawmill industry that is run under the name Norra Timber. The cooperative is now taking the next strategic step into the future by buying 30 percent of Husum's pulp mill. 

Strong, member-owned forest industry

The market has gained a solid new forest industry player. Norra Timber has sawmills with world-class technology and modern, well-invested units for added value products, plus the backing of 27,000 forest-owning co-owners, ensuring access to slow-grown timber from northern Sweden and a secure raw material supply. Norra Timber is a welcome market resource for wood product customers.



In addition to our regular range, we are also able to...


In addition to our regular range, we are also able to supply...

Specialist products

Do you need a product with specific properties in terms of...

Shipping marks

Norra Timber’s shipping marks on sawn timber are a guarantee...


Added Value Products

Norra Timber’s added value business are produces in Kåge,...

Kåge Sawmill

Kåge Sawmill is a modern plant that is constantly being...

Sävar Sawmill

Sävar Sawmill is an efficient band saw line with a high...

Hissmofors Sawmill

This sawmill has current annual production of around 160,000...

Agnäs Pole Factory

Agnäs Pole Factory has extensive experience and specialises...

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Norra Timber

Norra Timber is a wood processing company that manufactures and delivers products to markets with high expectations concerning quality, capacity and accurate deliveries. Our sawn and added value products come from unique, slow-grown trees that have matured over almost 100 years in the forests of northern Sweden.


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