Slow-grown timber
from northern forests

Northern Sweden’s challenging climate means that the forests grow slowly, which creates trees with healthy sprigs and densely compact annual rings.
Here generations of forest owners have cared for their trees for almost a hundred years, before they are transformed into some of the world’s most highly sought-after timber.

Norra Timber

Norra Timber is a wood processing company that manufactures and delivers products to markets with high expectations concerning quality, capacity and accurate deliveries. Our sawn and added value products come from unique, slow-grown trees that have matured over almost 100 years in the forests of northern Sweden. And we are very proud that our eco-friendly products of the future are already being used by you and other customers all over the world. 

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Learn more about sustainable construction products, the historic record investment in Kåge Sawmill, and traditional woodcraft skills for future generations. Check out the latest issue of Norra Timber News!

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From plant to plank

To ensure that our forests will thrive for generations to come we always assess how to achieve as little waste as possible and make the absolute most of the raw materials from each felled tree. At an early stage we select the trees that will eventually become wood products, as well as those we will leave standing in order to encourage diversity and provide food for the forest’s wildlife. After the trees are felled, they are always cut with the aim of reducing waste as much as possible. 

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In addition to our regular range, we are also able to...


In addition to our regular range, we are also able to supply...

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