Slow-grown timber from northern forests

Northern Sweden’s challenging climate means that the forests grow slowly, creating trees with healthy sprigs and densely compact annual rings. Here generations of forest owners have cared for their trees for almost a hundred years, before they are transformed into some of the world’s most highly sought-after timber.

Pre-sawn & custom dimensions

Our sawn whitewood and redwood high-quality products are available in a wide range of lengths and dimensions. They can also be customized to your exact specifications. With short lead times, customized logistics, reliable deliveries and modern IT solutions, we’ll always find the best solution for your specific needs.

Sawn products

Norra Timber’s range of redwood and whitewood sawn products comprises pine and spruce slowly grown in the forests of northern Sweden. They are renewable materials which are extremely strong in relation to their weight.

Our timber is highly sought after for its unique combination of strength, durability and aesthetics. It is used in construction and carpentry projects both in Sweden and around the world.

Welcome to Norra Timber

As our customer and partner you are assured of a personalized service. Our salespeople and experts have a broad range of expertise, and we work tirelessly to find the best solutions for every one of our valued customers. You can be confident that we will supply you with the products you need at the time you want them. By working together in the long term we’ll ensure we grow our businesses together.

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At Norra Timber we put focus on sustainability, gender equality and protecting active rural communities. We are proud our eco-friendly products are already being used by customers like you around the world.