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  1. Save time by building fences with pre-painted cladding panels

    1 May 2024

    Using factory-painted exterior cladding to build fences has several advantages. You can, of course, save a lot of time, but the boards and paint finish are quality guaranteed (CMP), which means you’ll also get quality wood materials and a consistent paint color that has been applied by a controlled moisture and surface treatment process. In other words, you’ll get a guaranteed and sustainable product every time.

  2. More environmentally friendly transport booking system

    30 April 2024

    There are increasing demands from the construction industry and customers for better and more environmentally friendly transport solutions. Since the turn of the year, all Norra Timber’s sites have implemented a new transport booking system that identifies more sustainable freight solutions and makes it easier to follow them up. 

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  3. Norra Timber reduces annual carbon dioxide emissions with new electric forklifts

    28 April 2024

    Norra Timber has invested in two electric forklift trucks and a newly-built charging station at its sawmill in Sävar. The investment is part of a modernization of the company’s vehicle fleet and has slashed the sawmill’s carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 144 tons per year.

    Timber Industry
  4. “Important to understand the culture and people”

    2 April 2024

    Daniel Färdeman is an export salesperson at Norra Timber and sells sawn timber into markets such as the USA, Europe and Asia. 

    “There’s always a lot going on”, he says and laughs. 

  5. New digital check-in and check-out system

    1 April 2024

    A new digital system that makes it easier for drivers to pick up their loads is being beta-tested at Norra Timber’s sawmills. Whereas previously registration of a driver’s load and route had to be manually entered, the process is now fully automated.
    “We are leading innovation in our industry in Sweden”, says Per Boman, System Manager at Norra Timber. 

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  6. They took a shortcut to their dream house

    25 March 2024

    Renovating an old timbered farmhouse from the inside out is a labor of love that takes time.

  7. New 300-meter-long timber sorting facility being built at Kåge Sawmill

    12 March 2024

    ”The installation represents a technological advancement that will allow every log to be traced and documented throughout the entire sawing process”, says Industry Manager Henrik Jönsson.

    Timber Industry
  8. Premiums that reward timber felling

    12 March 2024

    It is important for the entire forestry industry that timber can be felled and delivered whatever the season - even during wet and rainy periods of the year. That’s why Norra Skog has raised its premiums to encourage, among other things, ​​fellings during the snow-free season. 

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  9. An ‘Inbetween Year’ for Norra Skog

    28 February 2024

    Despite this result, the company’s board has proposed increasing profit-sharing to its members as part of its long-term view that the value of its members' timber supplied over generations of forest management should not be affected by short-term fluctuations in the forest economy.

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  10. Norra Timber invests in sustainable packaging

    5 February 2024

    Norra Timber aims to reduce the use of new plastic materials and promote a more circular economy by using a combination of recycled plastic and fully recyclable packaging material.

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  11. Mending a bad reputation

    16 August 2023

    Impregnated wood has an undeservedly bad reputation and has in fact been a safe material choice for years, believes Fredrik Westin, CEO of the Swedish Wood Preserving Association, which is behind the publication ‘An Environmental Handbook for Treated Timber.


  12. Ai plays matchmaker at Sävar Sawmill

    6 February 2023

    The industrial boom in northern Sweden continues at pace, with substantial investments taking place at Norra Skog's Norra Timber sawmill in Sävar. Rather than slowing down through the current tough recession, the sawmill owned by Norra Skog's forestry owner’s association has opted to invest heavily to the amount of half a billion SEK. Cutting-edge technology upgrades are strengthening the sawmill’s reputation as one of the most modern facilities of its kind anywhere in the world.

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