Sävar Sawmill

Sävar Sawmill is modern plant with an efficient band saw line with a high yield, The industry specialises in the production of high-quality whitewood and redwood products, and employes X-ray technology, with the world’s first CT-scan integrated directly into the saw line.

Sävar Sawmill is strategically located, providing numerous logistical advantages with proximity to ports and container handling, ensuring high delivery reliability.

Additionally, the sawmill contributes to heating nearby communities through our partnership with Umeå Energi. With three biomass boilers, we have the capacity to supply excess heat to Umeå Energi's district heating network, serving approximately 10,000 households.

The modern facility was the first in Scandinavia to implement an industrial CT scanner for sawmills, featuring Microtec's unique layer X-ray technology and a high-speed sawing line from USNR, processing 700 logs per hour. The CT Log X-ray technology scans logs at a rate of 180 meters per minute, providing a complete reconstruction of their internal properties. An automated system then rotates and handles the logs based on the scan results, maximizing their quality attributes. This enables real-time optimization of sorting for maximum value