Spruce (Picea Abies) usually grows in more fertile land than pine and can be found throughout Sweden. Spruce from northern Sweden, however, is well known for its smooth bark, hardness and light color tone.

It is because of our cold, long winters that our spruce trees grow slowly, giving them even more compact annual rings.

While spruce is a slightly softer type of wood than pine, it is generally considered equally strong. Spruce is commonly used in construction projects, and is also a popular choice for carpentry, flooring and stairs.

In addition to our standard pre-sawn range we are also able to supply custom dimensions. Please get in touch and we will find the best solution for you.

Whitewood product dimensions

  75 mm 100 mm 112 mm 115 mm 125 mm 150 mm 175 mm 200 mm 225 mm
16 mm SB SB              
22 mm SB SB     SB SB      
25 mm SB SB     SB SB      
32 mm   SB/CC     SB/CC SB SB SB SB
34 mm     CC            
38 mm   SB/CC     SB/CC SB/CC SB SB  
44 mm   CC     CC        
47 mm   SB/CC     SB/CC SB/CC CC CC CC
50 mm   CC   CC CC CC CC CC CC
63 mm         CC CC CC CC CC
75 mm           CC   CC CC
100 mm               CC  

Available qualities per dimensions for Whitewood

  U/S-V Sixth minus Lamina FOHC
16x75 mm

22x75 mm    
22x100 mm    
22x125 mm    
22x150 mm    
25x75 mm    
25x100 mm    
25x125 mm    
25x150 mm  
32x100 mm  
32x125 mm  
32x150 mm    
32x175 mm    
32x200 mm    
32x225 mm  


34x112 mm    
38x100 mm  
38x125 mm  
38x150 mm  
38x175 mm    
38x200 mm    
44x100 mm    
44x125 mm    
47x100 mm    
47x125 mm    
47x150 mm    
47x175 mm    
47x200 mm    
47x225 mm    
50x100 mm    
50x115 mm    
50x125 mm    
50x150 mm    
50x175 mm    
50x200 mm    
50x225 mm    
63x125 mm    
63x150 mm    
63x200 mm    
63x225 mm    
75x150 mm    
75x200 mm    
75x225 mm    
100x200 mm    


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