Norra Timber makes huge investment in Kåge Sawmill to maximize use of forest resources

Norra Timber is investing heavily in its sawmill in Kåge. A brand new 300 meter-long log sorting facility is now up and running, while a new CT scanner providing full reconstructions of the internal features of every log has recently been installed and is undergoing testing.

“Being able to look at every log with a computer tomography scanner and follow each one through the entire sawing process means we can maximize our revenue and get the absolute most out of our raw forest material”, says Joakim Larsson, who is the Sawmill Manager at Kåge.

Published 12 June 2024

PhotoVictor Lundberg

Kåge Sawmill is a modern plant that is constantly developing and improving the efficiency of its operations. The sawmill is specialized in the production of high-quality spruce and pine products. Recent investments mean all logs can now be scanned and 100 percent of the raw forest material utilized.

“We now use 100 percent of the logs, as any residual products from sawing them are also put to good use. Bark, chips and sawdust are used as biofuel and heating by the sawmill, while any surplus is sent to the nearby district heating network”, says Joakim Larsson.


CT scanner in which the logs pass through

He adds:

“The timing of this investment couldn’t be more perfect. Because our products last for hundreds of years we can now maximize our revenues knowing that the more timber products we produce, the more we help the green transition. Just look at Bonnstan church village in Skellefteå and Lövånger church village. Both were built out of wood in the 17th century and are still in great condition even today”.

Norra Timber Industry Manager Henrik Jönsson is very happy the technology investments are now in place.

“The expansion of the new timber sorting facility represents a decisive technological advance for us at Norra Timber. We can now optimize our process and ensure the highest quality of our products thanks to our ability to trace every log”, he says.

A reconstruction of the grading mill intake has also been completed at Kåge Sawmill, which has increased capacity by as much as 10 percent.