International CEO: "Norra Timber delivers exceptional quality"

One of Norra Timber's largest export customers is Swefl based in Egypt. In May of this year the company’s CEO Nagy Mubasher and his sons visited Norra Timber's headquarters in Sweden, when we took the opportunity to ask him about our collaboration.

Published 18 June 2024

Swefl Timber Trading specializes in trading and exporting high-quality sawn timber and timber products to customers around the world. Norra Timber and Swefl have collaborated closely since 2013 - during which time Norra Timber has delivered a total of one million cubic meters to the Egyptian company.

“Over the past decade our partnership has navigated various obstacles and uncertainties and transformed from humble beginnings into a formidable team effort. There have been changes in rules and regulations, changes to the market and our consumers, problems with the banking system and currencies, a pandemic, global conflicts, sanctions and market volatility. Despite all these challenges, our shared determination and synergy have driven us on, strengthened our position in the market and paved the way for future success”, says Nagy Mubasher.

He continues:

“Our collaboration with Norra Timber has developed enormously over the years and has grown stronger with every challenge we have faced. Our ability to work seamlessly together and execute extraordinary strategies has enabled us to achieve remarkable volumes and results”.

Back row: Patrik Patriksson (Norlat Shipping Ltd. AS), Abdelrahman Mobasher (Swefl), Ahmed Mobasher (Swefl), Paal Boehaugen (Norlat Shipping Ltd. AS). Front row: Erik Eliasson (Norra Timber), Nagy Mobasher (Swefl), Niklas Gustafsson (Norra Timber)


Why do you choose timber products from Norra Timber?

“Because of the exceptional timber quality of Norra Timber's products. Our preference for your goods is based on our long-term cooperation. We have built a reputation for Norra Timber's goods in our markets, which has helped make it a valued brand that is regularly in demand”, says Nagy Mubasher.

How stable do you think the markets are right now?

“The Egyptian market has experienced significant stability compared to the global fluctuations experienced in 2021. The timber market has gained a firmer footing with steadier dollar rates, which in turn has driven sustained demand and consumption. Despite challenges such as fluctuating boat prices, our collaboration means we ship efficiently, which also contributes to our continued success. The global security situation, however, including incidents such as the blockade of the Suez Canal, may have an impact on our operations, particularly in terms of shipping routes and timelines. 

“Thankfully our main port of Alexandria lies west of the Suez Canal, so it has no major impact on our bulk transports from Scandinavia. We have also taken measures to reduce shipping risks, such as diversifying shipping routes and maintaining close communication with shipping partners to quickly adapt to disruptions," says Nagy Mubasher.

Who are your biggest customers?

“Our biggest customers in Egypt include Bolty and Tahtawy, who are resellers in the local Egyptian market and supply builders, the pallet industry, furniture makers and more. We have established strong partnerships over the years, and these collaborations have provided significant volume and growth for our business. The products we import from Norra Timber are in high demand due to their exceptional quality and market reputation. Egypt remains a key marketplace for us, but we also serve customers in other countries in the region, contributing to our international presence and market diversification”, says Nagy Mubasher.

What is the outlook for your markets? 

“The market outlook in Egypt looks promising, with significant development projects scheduled for completion by 2030. The recent increase in investment, particularly following the UAE's land acquisition, suggests robust demand for construction materials such as timber. This bodes well for our business and we expect continued growth and further opportunities in the construction sector”, says Nagy Mubasher.