Premiums that reward timber felling

It is important for the entire forestry industry that timber can be felled and delivered whatever the season - even during wet and rainy periods of the year. That’s why Norra Skog has raised its premiums to encourage, among other things, ​​fellings during the snow-free season. 

“We have several different premiums to stimulate timber deliveries. The important thing is that forests are used to provide high-quality raw material to sawmills and pulp mills”, says Jonas Arvidsson, Timber Marketing Director at Norra Skog.

Published 12 March 2024

PhotoVictor Lundberg

Norra Skog owns Norra Timber, a wood processing company tasked with producing, marketing and selling a wide range of timber products. With access to Norrland's impressive forests and highly-developed production facilities, Norra Skog employs a truly holistic approach to its business, from plant to finished product. 

Norra Skog offers a range of forestry services that make forest ownership easier. It aims to create profitability for all its members, both in the short and long term. All 27,000 members, among other benefits, get a share of Norra Skog's profits. 

“This year we are increasing the level of profit sharing. It is gratifying that we can continue to increase profit sharing despite the very challenging economic situation for the forestry industry. It shows we are a strong association, even during tough times”, says Jonas Arvidsson. 

 Today there is high demand for more logging even during the snow-free season (late spring, summer and fall). Norra Skog has therefore raised the premium for fellings that can take place during such periods. 

“We can already see that we have bought a larger share of these types of fellings. For those of us who work with timber it is better that supply is more evenly distributed throughout the year. As for the landowners, they get better compensated”, says Jonas Arvidsson. 

Jonas Arvidsson. Photo: Victor Lundberg.

Norra Skog wants to work with businesses whose forests provide high-quality raw materials to sawmills and pulp mills. A prerequisite for active forestry is that the forests are easy to reach - which makes forest roads a great investment.  

Accessible forest roads make measures such as rejuvenation and clearing far easier, as well as reduce the cost of felling and transportation. More fellings can also take place when the ground is bare, and also provide a higher rate of compensation for the forest owner. 

“At Norra Skog we understand the benefits of a well-functioning network of forest roads, and have therefore increased the premium for fellings in areas with good roads where the timber can be transported during periods when the ground is bare. We have our own department, called the Road Agency, that works with road issues and offers customers help in planning and building forest roads. We also see interest increasing for both new road construction projects and improvements to existing roads”, says Jonas Arvidsson. 

Norra Timber is owned by Norra Skog's 27,000 members, who manage their forests sustainably, supplying sawmill and building product industries with a steady flow of raw materials. 

"Our consistency and reliability are two of our greatest strengths”, says Jonas Arvidsson.